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The Annoying Web

- I'm searching the web…

- Landed on Quora

- Nice content. Thank you.

- One more related content…

- Oh, sorry, you need to create an account to read other people content

- Okay, I created an account to read people's content

- Later, lots of content emails

- I don't want more emails

- Unsubscribed

- Later, more content emails

- Unsubscribed

- Later, more content emails

- Unsubscribed

- No way, I need to remove that account

- Oh, wait, you need to provide a password. You signed up with Google

- Okay, how to do that?

- Click here to create an account password. Go to your email, click the link to create a new password

- I'm creating a new password…

- Oh, sorry, your password must contain one char, blah blah

- I'm confused. DuckDuck… please, I need a password generator

- Your password looks good to me

+-+ Thank you for wasting my time/attention!

I believe that social media content should be accessible for everyone. Signup should not be required to read or see it. No walls. People make it and offer it for free, and the platform should respect that.

A platform should not force people to create an account to read other people's free content. People are the content owner, not the platform.

It is respectful to ask people first if they would like to receive emails more than spamming them with lots of and confuse them later with tons of subscription options.