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On Web Accessibility

Udacity Accessibility Course Cover Image

I finished and would recommend this Web Accessibility course from Google by Udacity.

Accessibility is something I wasn’t taking it serious before. I was reading some bits here and there without understanding and seeing the big picture if using it.

The important thing is that there is a wide range of people who might have some disabilities. By ignoring them, you will make their life harder and they will end up leaving. The web should be available to everyone.

Think about how someone who is blind using the VoiceOver. A simple case, someone who is only able to use the keyboard to navigate your website or app.

I encourage you to stop using the mouse for a while. You can use your keyboard to navigate different websites. Also, you can use the ChromeVox or VoiceOver as a screen reader.

The problem comes with no awareness about it. No budget, or not learning about it at the start of learning web development as a single topic.

Somehow we ignore it from the start and jump into writing HTML. This happens without thinking about the people who might use the final product.

The course helped me to connect the dots and to think about the people while writing code or Developing with Empathy as the course said.