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Me at George Town - Malaysia / 100 Days Trip Around Southeast Asia
George Town - Malaysia / 100 Days Trip Around Southeast Asia


I’m Ahmad Ajmi, I run a small online business at Aspire Themes building elegant WordPress, Ghost, and Jekyll themes. I live in Cairo, Egypt.

I believe the web should be open for everyone, so my main focus and passion is to create faster, functional, and accessible products to make an impact on people’s lives.

Learning to code was a significant life change for me. I graduated with a degree in Accounting, but I quit it entirely and moved on to learn how to code in HTML & CSS, and then I landed my first job as a web developer back in 2012.

In 2015, I founded, a blogging platform for the Arabic world. I created it initially to solve a personal problem for not finding a simple and functional platform for writing in Arabic. The platform helped thousands of people write and read in Arabic with a simple and elegant UI. It’s one of my favorite and challenging projects and I’m really proud of it.

Oktob was acquired by Toriom in February 2017.


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This website is built using Jekyll, Sass, ITCSS, hosted on GitHub, and deployed with Netlify. You can find the source code at