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Ahmad Ajmi

Hi, I'm Ahmad Ajmi —

Developer & Creator of @aspirethemes.

This is my internet home. I will share some thoughts about books, travel, the web and different things I find interesting.

In progress. :)

Recent Posts

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The Annoying Web

- I'm searching the web… - Landed on Quora - Nice content. Thank you. - One more related content… - Oh, sorry, you need to create an account to read other people content - Okay, I created an account to read people's content - Later, lots of content emails -

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On Pop-Ups

Website pop-ups are very confusing and interrupt the browsing experience especially on mobile where the screen is limited. Please consider before adding them to your website. On mobile, sometimes, I don't even see the content, and I leave, just leave. Sometimes, I can't close the pop-up, whether the `x` is

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On Replying to Emails

I used to write in Normal Size/Sans Serif while replying to emails. It works fine for me. But recently, I started to adapt my font/size based on the sender email style. If someone is using a Serif font, I reply in Serif. If the font size is large,